Nissan ProPILOT Assist Technology to Launch in the U.S.

Recently, Nissan placed media representatives behind the wheel of a vehicle equipped with ProPILOT Assist technology, which assists the driver in controlling acceleration, braking and steering. The goal is to help reduce the driver's workload in stop-and-go driving on the highway, thereby helping to lower driver fatigue. The technology will be available in Nissan vehicles later this year.


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ProPILOT helps keep the vehicle in the center of the driving lane and maintain a driver-designated speed, and can even maintain the proper spacing between the car and the vehicle in front if speeds drop. The system is even able to slow the vehicle to a complete stop and hold it if you get stuck in a traffic jam.

Drivers activate the system by pressing the ProPILOT Assist ON button and then setting the Intelligent Cruise Control once they've reached their desired speed. If the vehicle comes to a complete stop for more than three seconds, you can either touch the accelerator or push the resume button to start moving again.

The system was developed over the course of 50,000 miles of driving on roads across the nation prior to being unveiled at the Nissan Technical Center North America (NTCNA) in Michigan.

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