Why You Should Install Winter Wiper Blades

Are you concerned about the performance of your current wiper blades in winter weather? Maybe they didn't cause any problems during the summer, but have started to leave streaks on the glass of your windshield in colder weather. This can be dangerous because it decreases your visibility behind the wheel. If you would like to avoid this frustrating, and potentially dangerous, problem, then the best solution is to install new winter wiper blades in place of your current ones. The Halladay Nissan service team can help!

Winter wiper blades are much better equipped to handle ice and snow for the following reasons: They are made using a tear-resistant rubber. They are much stronger than normal wiper blades, which allows them to push off snow easily. Their rubber shell casing works to prevent ice build-up. They are designed with cold weather in mind.

For help selecting the right winter wiper blades for your vehicle, contact our Nissan service center in Cheyenne, WY soon.

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