Managing the Total Cost of Ownership

We have vehicles that appeal to all kinds of customers. It is important to manage the total cost of ownership when you are factoring what you can afford for a vehicle. At Halladay Nissan, our finance department will answer all of your questions and will make sure that you are confident in your vehicle choice.

Your budget is an important consideration when you are buying a vehicle. There is more to remember than just your monthly payment, there are a number of factors that vary based on the amount of use. These factors may not be visible at first, but will inevitably be revealed. Other expenses include:

  • Tag Fees
  • Vehicle registration
  • Auto repair expense
  • Interest on loan
  • Cost of gas
  • Cost of insurance on the vehicle

A planned view of the total cost of ownership can make the difference between enjoying your new car and struggling to pay car expenses that are way beyond your means. We will make sure that you will never struggle with your vehicle, all you need to do is come and work with one of our experts.

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