Be Prepared for Winter Weather Events

You should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle at all times. If you are on the road during the harsh winter months, you will also want to include some sand, fresh kitty litter, or salt in your kit as well. These items can help you to get out of a slippery situation in the event that you get stuck and need some traction in the Cheyenne region.

We want to remind you to be prepared from all of us here at Halladay Nissan. Make sure that you not only keep an emergency kit in your vehicle but that you also keep it fully stocked. If you do get stuck, sand is a great choice for adding traction. It will get you out of a slippery spot when you need it, but cannot melt the ice around your tires. Fresh kitty litter also works well, but steer clear of clumping litter because it can tend to get gooey and slippery which defeats the purpose.

Salt is also a good option, as it can quickly melt some of the ice. Keep in mind, though, that salt does not add traction. It only melts the ice. For more seasonal driving tips, come to Halladay Nissan in Cheyenne, WY!

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