What do the Warning Lights Mean on Your Dashboard?

Your vehicle's dashboard has an array of different displays. Among those displays are various lights that indicate potential areas of concern with your automobile. It's important to know what the lights mean so you can determine what needs to be done to keep your Nissan or other vehicle in working order.

One of the most common dash lights that people encounter is the "check engine" light. This display could signal a number of different problems, so if you encounter it, you need to have your car or truck checked out. Many of the other lights on the dashboard signal something that needs attention. Most cars still on the road today have lights to signal there is low fuel or oil or that the car is overheating. Many cars built within the last 10 years or so also have warning lights that occur when tire pressure is low.

If you have a light on your dash indicating a problem, bring your vehicle to Halladay Nissan in Cheyenne to have it checked out.

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