Protect Your Engine With the Correct Oil Viscosity

Keeping your engine nurtured and happy is important to do if you want to make sure that vehicle remains running well. A key component to accomplishing this task is the engine's motor oil. Understanding the viscosity rating of engine oil will help you ensure that you are always using the right type for your car.

The viscosity of engine oil provides a measurement of how easily the oil flows. When looking at the label on a bottle of oil, the number before the W signifies the viscosity of the oil at cold temperatures and the number following the W represents its warm temperature viscosity. Knowing these values will allow you determine the right oil for your Cheyenne, WY expeditions.

If you have any further questions about oil viscosity and feel that it is time for an oil change, then come visit us at Halladay Nissan. We will get you taken care of and on your way at our Nissan service department.

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