Only Use Windshield Wiper Fluid in Your Reservoir

You're driving along behind a large truck in the yucky winter weather and you notice it too late. The truck in front of you has just lost a big chunk of slush and ice from the top of their vehicle. It lands on your vehicle and causes quite the mess of your windshield. You go to switch on your windshield wiper fluid, only to realize that your reservoir is empty. We here at Halladay Nissan stress the importance of you making sure that your windshield wiper fluid levels are always at full capacity so that when you need them, they are there.

In addition to being used for the purpose of cleaning your windshield, windshield wiper fluid also comes packed with a lot of protection for your vehicle. That fluid creates a protective barrier on your windshield that causes rain, sleet and snow to slide right off without creating a big streaky mess. Let us top off your washer fluid and other vehicle fluids at our Nissan service center today!

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