Safety Enhances Performance in the New Nissan Armada

Modern SUVs have earned a rather unfair reputation. They have become labeled as impractical, gas-guzzling machines primarily sought out for their spaciousness. While this has been true of many SUVs over the years, there’s no rule that says that it has to be this way.

Nissan has changed the way we look at engineering for SUVs moving forward. The new Nissan Armada model’s direct-injected, 390 hp V-8 motor provides 394 lb-ft of torque and a maximum towing capacity of 8,500 pounds. This is a fuel-efficient, powerful workhorse under the hood.

The Nissan engineers have implemented an adaptive four-wheel-drive system that can respond to severe weather, dangerous road conditions, and all manner of rough terrain. You can ensure that you stop safely and maintain full control of your vehicle in adverse conditions. This is a very safe, flexible vehicle.

Somehow, Nissan managed to merge both of these things into the form of a modern and spacious SUV design. We’d love to show you one of these performance-ready SUV models. Come visit us at Halladay Nissan today for a test drive.



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