Simple Tips for Jump Starting a Car

If the battery in your car is not strong enough to start the car, here are some simple steps to jump-start your vehicle with the help f a friend. Bring the nose of each car in as close as possible. Turn the engine off in the car with the good battery, open both hoods and grab the jumper cables.

The cables are color-coded; red is positive and black is negative. Take one red cable and clip to positive on good battery, then clip the positive on the bad battery. Take the black cable and clip to the negative terminal on the car with good battery, then other black clip to metal frame of car with bad battery.

Start the car with good battery, and wait for a few minutes as you gently rev the engine, then start the other car. After the car is running, make your next priority getting to Halladay Nissan so we can test the battery or replace your car battery if it can not hold a charge any longer.

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