Reasons Why Your Tire Pressure Icon is Illuminated

There are a number of reasons why the tire pressure light on the dashboard of the car is lit. Keep these things in mind the next time it gets illuminated.

If the tire pressure light is on with only one tire, take the time to pull over to a safe area and inspect the tire in question. If you see something stuck in the tire, it is causing air to slowly leak from the tire and needs to be addressed before the tire goes flat. If it is leaking slowly, get to the service center so we can plug or replace the damaged tire.

The extreme hot and cold weather will certainly impact your tire pressure. Hot days will cause the tire pressure to slightly go up, freezing days it will drop. Don't ignore the tire pressure indicator lights. Come to Halladay Nissan in Cheyenne, WY so we can properly determine the extent of the underlying issue.