Nissan LEAF Features Technology Everywhere You Look

How important is technology to you in a vehicle? The Nissan LEAF is a popular electric vehicle that’s the ideal choice for people who want as much technology as possible. With so many different smart features, its little wonder why the Nissan LEAF is such a popular vehicle. Stop at Halladay Nissan and get a look at the new Nissan LEAF.

The ProPILOT Assist is an intelligent feature that helps you maneuver through all kinds of traffic with only a touch of a button. It keeps you the perfect distance from other vehicles and keeps you centered in your lane even when you’re taking corners. The smart e-pedal allows you to push on the same one pedal whether you want to accelerate or slow down.

Come to our shop, take the new Nissan LEAF out for a test drive and experience all the intelligent features for yourself.



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