Dynamic Driving With the New Nissan Rogue Sport

For great handling, you are going to have to check our some of the sport cars that we at Halladay Nissan carry. One particular model is the new Nissan RogueSport. This is a great example of a sports utility vehicle because of the nimble handling and other features that show a lot of creativity in the overall design of the vehicle.

One of the features of the Nissan SUV is the ability to switch between modes. One particular mode is the Eco Mode which makes adjustments to the transmission so that you can achieve the highest in fuel economy.

Another type of feature that will please you is the sport steering feature. This is great for days when you are in more of a playful mood. This mode takes an already responsive vehicle and takes it to the next level in responsiveness. A test drive will show you what you are working with.



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