Nissan Versa Model Range Performs Quite Well

Subcompact sedans do exist, and the Nissan Versa displays its popularity in this market niche. What allows this model to stand out? Many features contribute to its following, but the performance capabilities may be the most impressive.

The availability of two different transmissions expands the choices available to buyers. A five-speed manual transmission and an Xtronic CVT automatic one represent the two options. The Xtronic CVT may be preferable to those looking to access greater power without the need to shift gears.

The front suspension brings forth a performance benefit some might not expect: agility. The damper also put forth an assist when dealing with less-than-perfect roads. The many facets of the suspension system may come together to create an overall smoother ride.

Feel that ride in person by coming to our offices at Halladay Nissan to go on a test drive. Our inventory of Nissan Versa models may be among the most impressive in your daily commute.



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