Nissan Versa Note Performance Features to Explore

The Versa Note is the hatchback performance trim of the standard Nissan Versa. A compact vehicle with a lot of get-up-and-go, the Versa Note was made to be a speedy, fuel efficient car to match the highly popular European market compact vehicles. With Versa Note’s tight handling and 1.6-liter engine, you’ll get a ton of fuel economy out of this zippy compact.

The new Nissan Versa Note is also known for a slight performance increase with the CVT. You can get more mpg with the automatic transmission version. The fuel economy is one of the best parts of the Note, but it’s the only thing that has drivers excited about this affordable compact vehicle. The Note is also very tech-savvy and has more features for driver safety and assistance, such as rear parking sensors and blind spot monitoring.

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