Learn How to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Halladay Nissan knows a thing or two about vehicles, and we love to pass on that information to you. One thing we know is going to come in handy when you drive is getting the most out of your fuel. The following are a few tips you should consider, not only for the earth but also for your wallet, because this means you'll be saving more money in the long run.

Try to keep your speed constant because excessive speeding can cause you to waste gas. Do not add cargo to the roof because it messes with the aerodynamics of the vehicle, making it work harder. Weight is going to make your vehicle work harder and use more fuel. This means you want to reduce the amount of times you haul things with your car, and be sure to remove as much cargo as you can.

Make sure you do your best to keep your vehicle in good condition. Issues with your vehicle can hurt your vehicle's fuel efficiency, so take your vehicle to your mechanic as soon as you can. Of course, you can always test drive a vehicle with more fuel efficiency features, like a hybrid, and we have a number of those in our dealership.



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