Drive Safer: Tips to Reduce Glare

We at Halladay Nissan know how hard it is to drive with the sun creating a glare. If you have a hard time with glare, there are a few things you can do to reduce or eliminate it and drive safer.

Get a pair of polarized sunglasses to keep in your vehicle. The glasses and using your sun visor should help you see enough to drive safely. Also, keep your headlights on, so the other drivers can see you better.

If you still can't see in high-glare conditions, follow the lines for your lane until you can get off the road safely. You can also opt to take another route that isn't directly in the sun. If you are used to storing papers on your dash, find another place for them as this can increase the glare. Cleaning your windshield regularly is a great way to prevent impending glare when you commute.



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